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Case Studies

406 Berkshire Ave., Springfield Massachusetts

16 unit (2)buildings, single-story apartment buildings

The property was referred to SR commercial from a loan officer because the seller was unsatisfied with their previous representation from a larger brokerage firm.

While onboarding the client we consulted with them in the means of positioning the property more effectively as well as offering some improvements that may increase the value of the property.

As a result of some of our recommendations in combination with our intensive marketing approach and vast buyer network, we were able to procure an offer over $160k over his highest previous offer. This offer was well over the seller’s recommended investment to achieve and the increased valuation was $70,000 as a result.

1016 Springfield St, Agawam, MA

This property was a 1300 sq-ft., zoned for business, previously used as a transmission shop.
The sellers reached out to us to represent their property for sale after using three different brokers in the past. The property has been listed for over three years on and off the market.

When taking on the listing we did a diagnostic as to why it had not been sold successfully in the past given the price point seemed reasonable. Upon further discussion and feedback, as we showed the property many prospective buyers had concerns regarding environmental issues with the property. After multiple conversations with the seller we have recommended they consult an environmental consultant. Once the consultation had completed we moved forward with an assessment which proved that there were no environmental issues on the property and we were able to not only offset the cost of the environmental procedures but netted an extra $11000 in excess of money spent on the property closed two months thereafter.